Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services

Service Coordination

Provide linkage, advocacy and planning to ensure that persons with developmental disabilities have opportunities to make meaningful choices with regard to his/her life. Service coordinators make monthly home visits with each client and are responsible for ensuring accessibility, accountability, and continuity of support and services.

Behavior Support Professional Services

EastRidge Behavior Support Professionals develop, train, and monitor skills training programs to developmentally disabled individuals accepted into the Title IX Waiver Program. The Behavior Support Professionals develop person-specific behavior and therapeutic interventions based on assessments and service planning needs.

I/DD Day Habilitation Program

For consumers whose functional limitations prohibit them from participating in a work-based setting, the Day Program provides onsite and community based training to develop social and personal skills so that the individual can adapt and integrate more easily into their families and the community in which they live.  Includes training in activities of daily living such as dining, toileting, sensory stimulation, visual and auditory stimulation, range of motion exercises, arts & crafts, and color and object identification programming.

Supported Employment/Pre-Vocational Training

Consumers work on assembly type contracts.  Each consumer is paid based on their individual skill level and amount of production. At times when there is no contract work, consumers engage in pre-vocational skill building activities.

Residential Services

24/7 care in a variety of residential settings.


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